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↓ Workshops / Sprints,  you name it ↓

Informed by neuroscience of learning, the workshops are designed to be immersive, co-activity and output driven. 

Your brain will be eclectically charged with new learnings and approaches. So the workshop is designed to be reflexive over a few days / weeks - flexible to your needs and feasibilities.

Learn • Build 21st century skills & knowledge in complex problem solving • Ideate for your behavioural & systemic problems • Get mentored in implementing and testing the ideas



For Product Companies & NGOs

Social problem solving using behavioural science informed community-centric approach. Learn to nudge, gamify & more. Ideate for your behavioural problems. Get mentored through design, implementation & testing.

For Incubators & Accelerators

From behavioural science to systems thinking and circular economy, gain contextualized knowledge about how your venture is oriented. Ideate for your problems. Get mentored to implement & test.

For teams looking to ground in circular economy

Learn what is CE all about. Co-ideate models and processes to ground your business in CE. Get serviced with mentoring / advisory for its implementation with your company / organsiation

brain network2_shade.png
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