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Image by Jordan McDonald
Our Vision

We envision a future where the diversity stemming from our individual uniqueness is recognised, appreciated and accepted (inclusive mindset). We care to nurture this - be, and let be. This extends beyond human beings.

We care to nurture a decision habit where humans are inclined to include diverse point of views.

We care to nurture openness and wonder in communication and practice.

We care to nurture communication that is empathetic, empowering and action oriented.

We care to nurture a reflexive approach to work and living.

We care to nurture decisions that are mindful of self, other human beings and other living things that sustain this planet and all our life.

Our vision is not utopic. Even with the little we know about our mind-body works, practicing empathetic, empowering and action-oriented communication, emotion regulation and training for mindful decision making is absolutely possible. We only have to try and nurture the practice. This to us are the steps towards embracing our diversity and enhancing our collective intelligence. We see technology, including AI powered services and products, as tools that could enable this vision.
To improve the pace of development, global efforts need to be integrated. We need to work together in 'mission mode' with a vision for our future and future of the planet.
~ Inspired by Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam's preachings in his book, Ignited Minds
Our Mission

As Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam eloquently presents in his book 'Ignited Minds', we can have visions. But to achieve that vision we need to create missions and work towards the vision in mission mode.

What we have envisioned may not be achieved within our lifetime. We are making peace with that because, with all that we know,

we believe it is this direction that the world needs to take for progress, empowerment and development. We believe that to face our future we will be able to find strength only in empathetically embracing diversity in each one of us, in all walks of life. We need to make decisions and practice a living that is inclusive of humans and nature.

We can make a living in other planets. But that needn't stop us to sustain living in the planet we already are.

So, with every project we progress towards our mission of creating: inclusive, equitable and agency-empowering social change:

Inclusive - Because diversity is not a threat. Only working together will showcase the new horizons the collaboration enables us to reach. There is sufficient evidence supporting this, with more coming in.

Equitable - To acknowledge and take into account the impact of decisions of the past and the present. And to accommodate for the inherent biological diversity.

Agency-Empowering - Because, if each us don't stand for each other and our planet, who else will? However our biased judgements have created a maze of walls that often disempower and misguide our agency. And so we need those in the know how to help us all work on empowering their personal agency.
Image by Bernard Hermant
“Dream, Dream, Dream Dreams transform into thoughts And thoughts result in action.
~ Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam in his book Ignited Minds
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