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Founder, Principal Systems Entrepreneur

A skilled strategist and a design-minded polymath. Sri is committed to improving micro decision-making and macro intelligence of individuals, communities and systems. A leader not without insecurities and vulnerabilities, those which she reflexively learns from and works on herself. Enjoys collaborative work not just because of the high it gives. But also because co-working is a show-off of what collective intelligence can produce. A stickler for recording and sharing knowledge, Sri writes and speaks across platforms. Check them out via the social links.

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Supriya Iyengar

Vision Partner | Content Strategist

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Yash Makwana

Art Therapist | Systems Thinker

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External Hustlers / Collaborators

Image by Hans-Peter Gauster

The hustle pulse by Sri

Of late hustle has gained a negative connotation for its contribution to the fast paced work culture that tends to disregard a few basic human needs. However my definition of hustle is different. "I have my hustlers. We hustle together on fulfilling projects." When I utter these statements, to me hustle is not fast paced work. But rather the thriving and brain stimulating activities involved when we work together on projects. Grounded on the values of slow business and prioritising self health and individual values, we hustle to chart the uncharted social problems.

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