RESET - Transforming existing process to a behavioural science based organisational process

Working with behaviours and knowing the advancements in behavioural science, the client reached out to Sri wanting to embed applied behavioural science in their present approach to their practice.

Why? Because a hole was sensed.

The client works with a population of labourers sometimes ignored out of contempt: factory workers and lorry drivers. Often no one cares to empathise with their needs when building a factory or logistics operations plan. So any intervention communicated as 'for their safety' is incomplete and not wholistically viewed.

However behavioural science, in its application is inherently human-centric. Without acknowledging and considering the needs of the excluded, a safe-operations plan is difficult to achieve.


Except the one manned top management, every other leader in the organisation on whom implementation of this process was hinged, was skeptical about behavioural evidence. Skepticism stemming from unfamiliarity and critical scrutiny.

It was a journey of over 2 years working on smaller projects, assessing impact and navigating organisational and stakeholder biases and heuristics. The engagement ended with the company confidently pitching to a future client, a process with behavioural science methodology. This in addition to hands-on capacity building of teams in the client organisation, on using behavioural science applications and intervening to the worker / driver needs and decision appraisors.

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