Serving globally with a commitment to improving decision making in systems and humans 

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Services Offered

Who is providing these services?

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Impact & Change Consulting

For organisational change, community / customer behaviour change and global social change projects. Steered by qualitative & ethnography inspired behavioural research. Aligned to clients' vision & values.

Designing for diversity & inclusion: in tools, services and space

Looking to build a tool or service for a historically excluded population? Wanting to design more inclusive public and private spaces?

This is for you.

Activating Agency & Leadership Intelligence

A fancier way to say capacity building workshops. But these are one of a kind. Checkout the workshops page for further details. Also includes leadership programs & one-on-one leadership coaching with Sri,

BehScST for Business

We have witnessed design thinking for business. What if we augment it with Behavioural Science & Systems Thinking? Designing for diversity fundamentally requires understanding of human and systems decision-making processes.

Program Design & Development

For CSR impact, social enterprise setup and global development projects. Steered by systems thinking and strategic foresight.

Trans-Media Experiences & Storytelling

Have a social story you want to bring out to the world? Reach out.  Let us discuss the many ways we can achieve this - with & without tech.

Our services have benefitted industry consultants, corporate impact teams, start-ups, rural livelihood teams, multi-partner philanthropic and government programmes, NGOs and individual changemakers. 

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