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Context influences human decision-making.

Human-made ecosystems such as tech, finance, healthcare, justice, built-environments, cultural rituals etc, and the symbiotic relationship between humans & other ecological systems - both frame the decision-making contexts. 

So our approach to problem solving is both BEHAVIOUR-CENTRED and SYSTEMS-CENTRED.

Research driven & iterative problem solving

We deep dive into your problem through extensive research. From research through solution design, our approach is iterative. 

Systemic & Behavioural Insights & Interventions

We deep dive into the contextual influencers both at systems level & at individual decision level. So our intervention suggestions are often addressed to both systems and individual.

Reflexive & Adaptive Process

Our research process is grounded on ethical values of behavioural & systems research. It is reflexive, adaptive to projects. Ever evolving with new cutting-edge knowledge.

Participatory Ideation

The stakeholders and the target communities live in the context. And have many nuanced scenario driven insights that are valuable to solution design. So our solution ideation is often participatory.

Qualitative & Mixed Research

Our research process is qualitative and often augmented with quant data. Sometimes we deliberate mixed method based on the scope of the project.

Project-based Long-term & short-term engagement

The buck could stop at insights\ or at strategy or at ideation, or at testing. We strive for long-term engagements with testing and evaluation opportunities. However the client needs super seeds our preferences.

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